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Thank you for your e-mails and your prayers, sorry I didn't get back to you right away, my summer job was keeping me busy. You at Vocation.com have really helped me a lot, helped me to realize that I am not the only one discerning a vocation in the world and that my prayers are needed and felt throughout the Church on earth. Through this time of discernment I have discovered that my vocation is to be a diocesan Priest in the Archdiocese. I have started the application process and so far it is going well. I would like to tell you that I have the utmost respect for the Legionaries of Christ and you all have my gratitude for helping me along with my discernment. Your continued prayers are most welcome and appreciated; you can be assured that your movement has mine. If you are ever in Western Washington, look me up, 7 or 8 years down the road the Legionaries will have a parish to stay at when ever they need it. Thank you again.

In Christ!



“This has been a wonderful tool of inspiration and many times direction for myself and friends. The stories of those in discernment were especially helpful as well as the links and news and updates from the Vatican. Please keep up the great work, and thank you so much.”


“vocation.com has helped me to grow in my faith through the spiritual insights by Fr. Anthony Bannon offering spiritual direction to young people who think that they might have a vocation to the priesthood or religious life, by reading what the Holy Father has to say from his weekly audiences, reflecting on the Sunday Gospel and reflections, and from pondering the spiritual offerings. I am more aware of my need to grow spiritually and recommend this website to other people. I appreciate all of the work that goes into keeping this site going. Thank you and I hope that it continues for many more years to come.”

Luke P. 


I'd just like to thank you for the excellent issue (of ShoreLines) put out on January 26, specifically, the Pope's words regarding celibacy. First off, I am currently battling against worldly influences in this regard, and found your newsletter to have perfectly timed material. I am also likely going to apply for the seminary this fall.

Again, I thank you for this newsletter. It has truly helped me to better implement God's will for me.

God bless,

Luke P.


“I’m a 16 yr old girl living in Arabia, the United Arab Emirates to be specific. I wanted to thank you so much for this site. Reading the testimonials of others and watching the video of Fr Daniel are all so inspirational. In a place where there aren’t many nuns or priests to help me discern my own vocation and where people laugh at you for merely mentioning becoming a nun, Your site has given me a bit of direction. I’m still quite uncertain about what I want to do with my life: I like the idea of marriage just as much as that of becoming a nun, but your site makes the whole journey more bearable. thank you for the time and effort you put into this!”


“Hello vocation.com/Shorelines,

I’ve found new life in receiving your weekly emails. Discernment is always an issue in living my daily
spiritual life. Reading some of the comments others have submitted, as well as the devotionals helps in my own decision making. Best of all your email helps me get to know my Pope better. I can call him “My Pope” because when I read the excerpts from his sermons, teaching...etc I can see his heart and he becomes more to me than some distant figure. This would not occur normally because I don’t go to the Vatican site even on a monthly basis without the friendly “teaser” in your emails. God is definitely doing a good work through and in you. Keep reflecting the light of Christ. God Bless and Keep you (Num 6:24-26).”


“Thank you very much Father for your advice.... I’m always praying for you and your team so that you may be able to continuously be an instrument of God’s love and wisdom to all…God Bless you Father and your team!”


“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your help with my questions. Your answers were genuinely very helpful, and it means a lot to me just to know you care enough to help me out. I am taken aback at the generosity you show in your willingness to help so many people, and it is through examples like yours that I came to realize my own possible call to the priesthood. I thank for everything you’ve done for me; I hope you realize how much you have helped.“


“Thank-you again for your advise; it really is helpful. With trust in Jesus Christ, I am taking it one step at a time, and I am learning a lot about myself and my environment in the process. I have consecrated myself to Jesus Christ through Mother Mary, and in so doing, I have experienced great joys and great struggles, but it has been worth it. I am unyielding in respects to my baptism. It will be done. Conversion fervor is not the catalyst for my actions, but it is something deeper (and for me) a lot more profound. As Jesus Christ carried His Cross with patience, I too can be patient until it is time for me to do whatever His will is. Thank-you again for vocation.com. God bless.”


“We talked about a little over a month ago, about me becoming a priest and thank you for you’re advice, my vocation in life is more clear now, I am going to be a Franciscan priest. I have already gotten in touch with them, and the priests, and they are giving me great info! Thanks for you’re time.“


I've just watched all of the testimonies of the men and women on your website who have given their lives wholly to Christ. I think this experience has changed my life in ways that are so profound that I don't know what the final result might be.

I was moved to tears by the realization that I have lived for so many years so far below my potential - or below God's potential for me.

I have felt my heart almost burst with the desire to serve my Savior better and more completely.

The unselfish sacrificial love of these men and women, and their excitement and passion for what they are doing, and their devotion in giving up human love and intimacy and the joys of marriage and family willingly to serve Christ is so beautiful that I am inspired to be more chaste in my own personal life.

I don't see how our teenagers could be exposed to people like these and not want to join with them in their consecration of self. It is very sad that your message is not more available to compete with the selfish, sexy, materialistic, sensual trash that surrounds them and cant help but drag them down and away from Jesus.

I'm 61 years old, married, and not a Catholic, but I feel certain that if I were a teenager and saw these video clips today, I'd be seriously asking the Lord if he wanted me to be his priest.

Thanks so much for this inspiration. I've downloaded all these video clips. Whenever I feel lonely or disappointed, whenever my faith feels weak, I can come back to this source of strength and sweet spirituality and find inspiration and peace.

Yours in Christ,



Dear Father,

Back more than a year-and-a-half ago, I came to vocations.com as a very confused, very scared 34-year-old female who had felt a call to religious life on and off since childhood, but had always found ways to "push it out of the way." Finally, on the New Year's where 2004 led into 2005, it happened and I knew deep in my heart that I couldn't push it away any longer. Boy was I petrified!!

But, after a lengthy discernment, I have to say that I have grown in leaps and bounds! In fact, I just recently entered into religious life with the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas! While I know that the growing will continue (thank goodness) and that some continuing apprehension is to be expected, I am extremely excited about moving into this next phase of my life's journey.

The reason I write you today is to thank you for the guidance and support you provided me during the initial stages of my discernment. You see, vocation.com was an INSTRUMENTAL resource for me when I was too scared to talk personally with anyone about the overwhelming feeling of "call" I was experiencing. And, Father , you were personally instrumental to me....answering my questions, calming my fears, and ensuring me confidentiality when I was scared out of my wits during the first couple of months of my discernment.

Through our emails, you allowed me to get a grasp on what I was feeling, what I could expect out of the near future, and how to move forward. In a nutshell, our emails were a true God-send.
Since the day that I allowed myself to let go of the fear (at least a good part of the fear) and embrace God's call (whatever that call happens to be) I have been happier and I have been more at peace with life itself.
Always know that I hold you, and everyone at vocation.com, in prayer as you help other young adults discern their lifes' callings. Please always continue to serve as a beacon that guides young adults to follow what God is saying to them in their hearts. Our Church is in much need of vocations from both men and women and I know that God is calling young adults as God always has. Sometimes it just takes that extra bit of courage to realize that the path to inner peace is right in front of us. Supportive guidance like you provide is instrumental to acquiring that wisdom.

Peace and blessings always, Kathleen

Fr Jacob

“I am a priest and when I first subscribed to vocation.com I was a cleric and was in need of some information about the gospel passage. It helped me a lot and at times I would also pray for those who had requested the prayers. but then it so happen that I was not able to have access. It is now after maybe two years or so I am writing again. Sorry for not keep in touch. Assuring you of my prayers for this wonderful and enriching site. I am praying for you & your intentions.“


“Dear Father Anthony and the whole staff at vocation.com,

Following your advice a year ago and patiently and prayerfully following through, I have been accepted by the Missionary Oblates. It shows that at the right time... by patiently and trustfully leaving it in the Lord’s and Our Mother’s hands, things start to happen! Thank you Father for your help & may God Bless you all at vocation.com.”



“First thank you for your prayers and all those who have prayed for me at vocation.com. Your support has been most helpful and rewarding to me during my time of discernment. This fall I will be entering the seminary for the Archdiocese. Again without your support this would not be possible. Thank you!”