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Invocation for Priests and Those Consecrated to God

Invocation for Priests and those Consecrated to God

LEADER: Lord Jesus, moved by your great love for us, you remained with us under the appearances of the Eucharistic Bread. Prostrate in your presence we offer you our faith, love, gratitude and adoration, and we place in your hands all that we are and all that we have. In union with your most beloved Mother, we come here to accompany you and meet you as the Friend of our souls and the Light of our lives. In the wonderful works of creation we discover the greatness of your power and the glory of your majesty, but in the Eucharist we experience the joy of your humble presence, hidden in the sacrament but revealed to every believing heart. We come to offer you our heartfelt prayer for the world, for all people, for your priests, and for men and women living the consecrated life. O Lord and Master of the harvest, we implore you particularly to send numerous and holy laborers to reap what you yourself have sown in souls.

ALL: We need you, Lord.

LEADER: We need men who will give you their mouths to speak to us of you, their feet to travel the world preaching your Gospel, their hands to bless us, their eyes to reflect your loving, fatherly gaze. We need you, Lord. The world and the Church need you. We ask you humbly and earnestly, to send us priests, vessels of your saving power. Send us missionaries, consecrated men and
women who will be light in the darkness of the world and salt to free us from the corruption of sin and evil.

ALL: Lord, send your laborers to your harvest.

LEADER: When you took pity on the crowd that followed you, and saw in it all the multitudes of those that throughout history would need shepherds on their journey toward you, you told us to pray. Hear now our humble prayer.

ALL: Lord, send us shepherds after your own heart.

LEADER: Lord, the fields are vast. Do not let the harvest that cost you the high price of your passion and death go unreaped for want of laborers to gather it in.

ALL: Lord, send priests to your Church.

LEADER: The priest is another Christ. Our faith recognizes in him the Lord who walks with us in history. We honor him because in him we see Jesus Christ Himself. He is a man among men, yet you have chosen him to celebrate the sublime mystery of the Eucharist, to perpetuate your love through the ages, to forgive sins in your name, to save in your name, and to consecrate mankind and all creation in the name of the Blessed Trinity.

ALL: Thank you, Lord, for the gift you gave your Church in the priesthood.

LEADER: Men and women who live the consecrated life leave everything in order to follow you alone, the Supreme Good, in perfect
charity. They give their freedom out of love for you; they offer up the best of their affection and love to you; they follow you in poverty on the path of sacrifice. Great is their generosity and their consecrated life is a great gift to your Church.

ALL: Lord, send your Church vocations to the consecrated life.

LEADER: In the remotest places in the world, at times in the midst of persecution and at great risk, your missionaries preach your Gospel to those who have not heard of you. They endure loneliness, fatigue and misunderstanding, yet they bear it all with love, so long as they can see your love take root in the hearts of those people to whom they reach out.

ALL: Lord, send missionaries to your Church.

LEADER: Lord, we are sure of your promise, “I will be with you until the end of time.” You are with us, and you never stop calling men and women to take your place at our side as we journey to you. You continue to pronounce the words that have changed the story of so many lives: “Follow me.” Help those you call to be generous, not to close their hearts to your call, to answer it promptly like the prophet Isaiah: “Here am I, Lord, send me.”

ALL: Grant generosity, faith and courage to those you have called.

LEADER: Renew all your priests in their love for you and your Church: those who are fervent and those who are downcast, those who struggle and those who love you passionately, and those who have lost hope. May the virtues of purity, obedience, patience,
charity, gentleness, understanding, a burning zeal for the salvation of souls, humility and simplicity, all shine forth in their lives.

ALL: Grant us priests after your own heart.

LEADER: Lord, inspire and help your priests that work in seminaries and houses of formation. May they give your Church saints, doctors, martyrs and apostles—a new host of witnesses on fire with zeal for the new evangelization.

ALL: Lord, send us holy priests.

LEADER: We pray to you, Lord, for all those who dedicate their lives to promote vocations. May they never cease to cast their nets in Christ’s name, to provide the Church with the vocations she needs to fulfill her mission.

ALL: We need your priests. Send them to us, Lord.

LEADER: The enemy of our souls knows the good that a single priest can do for the Church, and he never ceases to lay traps for those Christ has called, tempting them to cowardice and to be more selfish and less sacrificial. Moreover, each one you call has to overcome the atmosphere of the world and his own passions. We ask you to strengthen their souls and grant them the generosity and courage to reject firmly anything that could endanger fidelity.

ALL: Lord, help those you call to be generous.

LEADER: Send us, Lord,

ALL: Priests after your own heart.

L: The harvest is great. The laborers are few.

A: Lord, send laborers to your harvest.

L: You took pity on the crowds without a shepherd.

A: Lord, send laborers to your harvest.

L: For young people who feel your call,

A: Grant them generosity to be consistent.

L: For souls consecrated to you,

A: Increase their charity.

L: For young people who doubt your call,

A: Grant them certainty.

L: For those who feel your call while they are still young,

A: Lord, be with them.

L: For seminarians,

A: Lord, grant them perseverance.

L: For priests who are tempted,

A: Lord, give them strength.

L: For zealous priests,

A: Inflame them even more with your love.

L: For tepid priests,

A: Lord, grant them your holiness.

L: For priests undergoing sadness,

A: Lord, be their consolation.

L: For priests who undergoing loneliness,

A: Lord, be their company.

L: For missionary priests,

A: Lord, fill them with your zeal.

L: For young priests,

A: Lord, move them strongly to seek your glory.

L: For elderly priests,

A: Lord, sustain them in your service.

L: For deceased priests,

A: Lord, grant them your glory.

L: The harvest is great. The laborers are few.

A: Lord, send laborers into your harvest.

L: For our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI

A: Lord, hear our prayer.

L: For the Shepherds of your Church,

A: Lord, hear our prayer.

L: For our bishop, N.

A: Lord, hear our prayer.

L: For those who most need your grace,

A: Lord, hear our prayer.

L: For those who are far from you.

A: Lord, hear our prayer.

LEADER: Lord Jesus, eternal priest, never cease to send to your Church new priests and consecrated men and women, shepherds after your own heart. We need your ministers. We need your envoys. They are the instruments of your grace and love. They console us in your name, they nourish our hope, strengthen our faith and intensify our love. We need them, Lord, because we need you, we need your love. Do not abandon us, Lord. Send laborers to the harvest of the world. Send fishers of men who will gather us up in the nets of your mercy. With humility and trust we implore you to send us shepherds after your own heart. The harvest is great. The laborers are few. Lord, send laborers to your harvest. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

ALL: Amen. 

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