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How can I learn more about which spirituality might be best suited for me?

Angela asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

I have recently started to discern a vocation to the consecrated life, but I really don't know much about the different "spiritualities" of the many orders out there: Benedictine, Dominican, Franciscan, etc.

How can I learn more about which spirituality might be best suited for me? Is there a book or Web site I can check, or do I have to read a book about each individual saint in order to find out?

Dear Angela,

There is a booklet called Guide to Religious Ministries that contains brief descriptions of many individual religious orders. In addition, most orders have websites where you can find substantial information about them. Don't worry; God already knows what he wants you to be, so if you start off inquiring you will not need to research every single order under the sun to discover your vocation. As you pray and gather information God will speak to you in his own way and start to attract you in a certain direction. Sometimes it jumps out at you in an instant, sometimes the awareness develops gradually, sometimes it is a chance reading or meeting, and other times it was right there close all the time and you never saw it until suddenly it becomes clear.

Each individual has his or her own story.

So, just start off, take the first step, God is not going to play games with you. He will test you, and if the road is long this will be with a purpose. So, pray with confidence and patience. And search too with confidence and patience.

God bless.

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