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I feel like God may be calling me, but certain things are making my vocation get dimmer. Any advice?

Chris asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

I am am 12.

I feel like God may be calling me to priesthood. I have felt this since I was 6. However, the vocation seems to be getting dimmer. More and more things, such as girls, keep coming into my life. I am in need of some Spiritual Direction. Do you have any advice?

Dear Chris,

What is happening is that you are growing up. Lots of new interests and changes are going to come into your life: when you were younger girls bored you, now they are interesting; when you were younger it was easy to obey your parents, now at times it is harder, etc.

What you have to make sure of is that your faith and your friendship with Christ grow along with everything else. Make sure that the most important thing for you is to be his best friend always, to please him in everything, to go to him in the Eucharist (Mass and Communion) as often as you can, that you speak to him. Also stay close to Mary. If you pray the Rosary, keep it up. If you don't, start off with a decade a day, and grow from there.

Then you might also want to talk with your parents about the possibility of going to a high school that will help you with your vocation. I can give you information on one if you like; just write back.

God bless,

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