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If I'm planning on being a priest, where should I study theology?

Misha asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

I have been very seriously considering the priesthood lately. I'm going to be a senior in High School this next year, so I have a while before I can actually enter the seminary if that's what God's call for me is. I want very badly to get a degree in Theology before I enter any vocation, but especially the priesthood. Would or could I acquire this degree while in the seminary, or is it something I need to do on my own? Also, if I were to go to the seminary first, would I be able to get the degree after I became a priest?

Dear Misha,

Seminarians usually get a college degree before studying theology. In most cases you can get your college degree while being in the seminary or house of formation, but there are some dioceses and orders that require you to have the degree before you start in the seminary. From the point of view of your priesthood and the studies you will do in theology, it is best to major in philosophy in college, but not any philosophy. Go somewhere you can study systematic philosophy, sometimes called 'perennial philosophy'; or, at the very least, do the 'Great Books' course.

You will study theology in the seminary, all seminarians do, and at the very least take what corresponds to a bachelor's degree.

You are right in wanting to study theology well; it is nonsense to think we have anything to offer people if we haven't opened our heart and soul to God in prayer, and our mind to him in study. Once we have done that we can apply all our strength to loving him and serving him in preaching and extending his Kingdom.

God bless,  

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