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Are there any vocations available for married people?

Keith asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

Are there any vocations available for married people? 

Dear Keith,

Marriage itself is a vocation, a vocation to holiness and a call to be open to the gift of life and to bring each other and your children to heaven, while being leaven in the world.

But you probably mean if there are ways in which a married couple can more specifically grow in holiness and put themselves at the service of the Church. The answer is, yes! Most definitively, yes.

There are a variety of lay Movements in the Church today that are in reality many paths that the Holy Spirit has opened up so that individual lay people, both married and single, can find a way to live the holiness and apostolate they are called to by Baptism, while living “in the world”. Each one features a very specific calling to service and apostolate, and you will find most of them described on the web.

Some Movements are local and others are worldwide, and most of the new ones are characterized by adherence to the Holy Father, love for the Eucharist and the cultivation of a solid prayer life and an active apostolate.

One advantage of these movements, especially the more established ones, is the possibility to begin involvement at a minimal level of commitment, and then to find your way through experience and spiritual direction to a deeper level, if that seems to be what God is asking of you.

Please let me know if you need more specific information.

God bless.

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