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Can a man whose parents have been divorced enter the seminary?

Paul asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

Recently my parish priest told me in order to enter seminary, one must be 'Perfect' that means no bodily disorder, amputation etc... because one's body must be united. My question is then, since one's physical appearance needs to be 'perfect', how about his family's background? Can a man whose parents have been divorced enter the seminary since divorce is generally not accepted in the Church.

Thank You & God Bless you Father for your work.

Dear Paul,

The divorce of one’s parents is not of itself an impediment to entering the seminary and becoming a priest. Nevertheless, when a candidate’s parents are divorced it is a matter that has to be looked into. This doesn’t mean that children of divorced families are singled out, for every candidate’s family background has to be looked into as an aid to discerning his vocation. Family life affects the children. The effects in an individual may be lasting or not lasting, they may be more or less ingrained. Some factors to be considered as regards divorce are: the age one was when the divorce took place, why and how it took place, the circumstances at home after the divorce, the temperament of the individual, how he reacted to it, and also trust issues and his attitude toward fatherhood and marriage.

God bless

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