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Are there any special prayers that I can use so I can see and hear what God's trying to tell me more fully in my daily life?

Sarah asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

Hello, My question is concerning the careers God calls us to. I've been interested in psychology. I really feel for people and would like to help them in that way. But my question is, is the profession of psychology considered wrong by the Catholic Church? I've been praying a lot lately for God to grant me the wisdom to see what vocation He wants me to dedicate my life to. I really think I would be a good, helpful psychologist, but I'm not sure if it goes against anything of God or the Church. I'm really worried about this. Also, are there any special prayers that I can use so I can see and hear what God's trying to tell me more fully in my daily life? Your time and help is greatly appreciated. God bless!

Dear Sarah,

Like any science, psychology in itself is a good thing as long as it is done well. However, when psychology is based on prejudices rather than unbiased research and examination of the facts, it cannot really be called scientific. We must also beware of absolutizing any individual science, thinking it can on its own answer every question about the world or the human person. So, psychology ought to be open to dialog with the other sciences that deal with the human person, such as philosophy and theology. If not, the consequences can be and indeed are disastrous. If you are interested in studying psychology in a way that is truly scientific, in dialog with the Catholic view of the human person and therefore consonant with your faith so as to help others in a true way, look up the 'Institute for the Psychological Sciences', located in Arlington VA 22202 (www.ipsciences.edu)

As regards prayers you can use so as to see and hear more fully what God is trying to tell you in your daily life, there are no 'magical' prayers. What matters is your faith (remember when Jesus couldn't work miracles because the people had no faith?) and your dispositions. However, there are some prayers that help us express our faith and train us to pray in the right way, asking for the right things. They place the proper words on our lips, they show us how to ask God for what we need, and then it is up to us to direct our heart to follow what our lips are saying. Jesus gave us the cardinal rule in prayer: 'seek first the Kingdom of God, and you will receive everything else'. If you go to Mass and try to live it from beginning to end in the company of Mary, putting your whole heart and mind into each part and prayer, you will change your heart and become evermore open to God; you will find you live your day differently. Also, pray the rosary and you will see that your contemplation of the mysteries of Christ’s life will change your heart imperceptibly, plus Mary's intercession will get you all the graces you need. Then there is the Universal Prayer of Pope Clement (you’ll find it in your missal among the thanksgiving prayers after Communion, the version in the new English translation is better than the older ones) which I find very rich and helpful.

God bless.

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