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Shouldn't prayer be something we do all day long?

Adam asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

Shouldn't prayer be something we do all day long?

Dear Adam,

You have a very good point. St Paul told his first Christians to pray always.

I think we are talking about two types of prayer. When you try to meditate, like when you go to Mass, you dedicate all your mind, all your heart and all your attention to it and it alone. That is one type of prayer, and it excludes doing anything else at the same time; as a matter of fact, we call thinking or doing anything else a distraction in this type of prayer (for example, it wouldn't seem right to bring your homework to church and do it during Mass, would it?).

The other type of prayer, which I think you are talking about, is an awareness of God's presence, a bringing him into everything we do; a constant disposition of our soul to love, praise and obey him in everything; a constant desire and seeking to be like Christ in everything we do, etc... and yes, certainly, we should strive to live in that climate of prayer always.

Keep up both types of prayer, Adam, and try always to do what will please God most.


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