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Are there any tests for seeing if you are psychologically fit for religious life?

Sherry asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

Hey there again. Thank you for the list of colleges that you sent me. I think that they will help me out some. They will at least give me a head start about where I could look. This time I am writing you because I know that you are supposed to be in pretty good health to become a nun right? I was wondering if there was any ways that you could tell if you are psychologically well. Is there any way to really know other than going to a doctor? Thanks again for you help.

Dear Sherry,

Most religious congregations do a psychological evaluation of their candidates using the services of a professional psychologist. They usually make sure that the psychologist understands the nature of religious vocation and the workings of grace, since otherwise he won't have all the elements needed to come to his conclusions. It is not just a question of having "psychological health" in general, but of having a psychology that with the help of grace is a good basis for the religious commitment.

God bless,

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