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What conditions does a diocesan priest lives in?

Stuart asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

I have begun considering a priestly vocation this past year and subsequently have become curious about the life of a typical diocesan priest. I understand that it is not the same as your average job and being a priest is indeed a 24 hour thing. I still wonder though what conditions a priest lives under typically in the US and Canada (living quarters, etc...). I'd appreciate any help you could get and I'm sure many others wonder the same thing.

Dear Stuart,

What has struck me over the years as I have had to travel much and often enjoyed the hospitality of many diocesan priests, is the variety of situations in which they live and work. There are small rectories and large, old and new, in run-down neighborhoods that have seen better days, with three bolts on every door for security, and in the swankiest of suburbs; some priests have a suite, a good office, lots of help; others live and work in cramped places that seem like afterthoughts. But what has struck me most is that the external conditions are not what matter, they are many and varied, but rather at nine times out of ten, you invariably find men who are happy where they are, who love their priesthood, live for their people, and give year after year of service, always on call, sharing all they have. So what is amazing is not that some men live like that, but that most of them do.

I hope this answers your question.

God bless.

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