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Welcome to the Parents Corner

The vocation is a gift of God, given in freedom and love. It is a call that invites a personal response of faith, freedom, and love from the chosen soul.

But even though a vocation is a mystery that unfolds between God and the soul, parents do play a unique and important role. You are very much involved in your child’s vocation. In a way, the gift given to them is also given to you. By calling them, God is also calling you to share in their vocation and mission, and to support them on the path less traveled.

Perhaps you always knew your son was going to be a priest. Or perhaps your child’s discernment comes as a complete surprise. Some vocations come out of deeply Catholic families. But other vocations come from families where the parents and siblings alike are not particularly close to the Church.

The Parents’ Corner is for all parents, no matter their background. If your child is discerning a vocation to the priesthood, religious life, or consecrated life, you have questions. This resource is aimed at giving you answers, resources, and perspective in your own path as the parents of souls whom the Lord has called to be his own.


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