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Does God call you to the single life?

Maria asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

I am a 36-year-old female, and I feel God is calling me to the single life. Although I wanted to marry in my younger years, the right person never came along. Over the past few years I have accepted this and I now feel I can serve God better if I remain single. I can honestly say I have never felt the call to the religious life. I do serve in one of the third orders and plan to give a few years of service to the Church. I feel my call may be to missionary work.

My question is: does God call you to the single life? Can you please give me some insight on this subject?

Dear Maria,

 From the very beginnings of the Church there have been those who remained 'single for the Lord' as the beautiful phrase goes. There is a place in the Church for 'Consecrated Virgins', and this is what Canon Law says: "Similar to these forms of consecrated life (religious institutes, etc.) is the order of virgins who, expressing the holy resolution of following Christ more closely, are consecrated to God by the diocesan bishop according to the approved liturgical rite, are mystically betrothed to Christ, the Son of God, and are dedicated to the service of the Church. In order to observe their own resolution more faithfully and to perform by mutual assistance service to the Church in harmony with their proper state, virgins can be associated together" (Canon 604). You can find information regarding the “order of virgins” at ordovirginum.org.  Remaining single without a formal consecration like this may also be a call in life if that is the way God leads an individual.

God bless,

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