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Is there some way single people can prepare themselves for their vocation?

Natalia asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

Hi...I've been discerning for a few years now, and while praying in adoration God gave me many signs (as if one weren't enough) in response to my burning question if I was meant to live the single life. I have no idea what that means though. I know I'm meant to grow to offer all of myself to God and to serve but I don't know anything about the single life . Are there places people go to study for that first and then have some kind of ceremony with a priest or something, or do you just simply decide okey dokey that's what I'm going to do... and step out into the world with no study , direction, or formation. ...like priests go to the seminary to study etc. I hope you understand what I'm asking.

Dear Natalia,

It is possible to just decide that the single life is your call, and then live accordingly. However, that would be imprudent. It is always advisable to get counsel on these matters, so as to make sure it really is God calling us and not our own imagination. So you should speak to someone, a priest, a confessor, a spiritual director in order to confirm your impressions before making a final decision.

I recommend you check out the website www.consecratedvirgins.org which has very helpful information. 

Once you do make your decision, there is a ceremony for the consecration of virgins, usually done with the bishop or his representative. Those who are called to live the single life for Christ usually are called also to be of special service in the Church, so you will also be in touch with your bishop for that reason too.

God bless.

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