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Are the basic requirements the same?

Lisa asks:

Dear Fr Anthony

I have always enjoyed reading vocation.com. I`ve learned so much from you. Although my vocation is marriage, you have helped me apply what you say to those considering a Religious Vocation, to my own Vocation of Marriage. Such as your response to Daniele about "dying to self" was so well articulated.
I too, must learn to do so in my Vocation of marriage. It can be hard at times, and I tend to look at the "box" and not the diamond, that is inside.

Giving of your self to another, in the way God is calling each of us to do, and that too is a gift in itself. And in doing so, my gratitude to Christ, grows more and more.

Thank you Father Anthony, for your advice.

p.s. I am still praying for my son's vocation, as you suggested to me several years ago in a letter you wrote to me, "Do not ask if he has a vocation, but pray to God to grant him one." I do so everyday. I always end my prayer with: God`s will be done and not mine.

Thanks again, Father.


Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your kind note. You are not the only one living the vocation of marriage who has written to say what a help the Q and A have been. I was not expecting that when I started the site, but it’s logical.

Every vocation be it marriage or consecrated celibacy is our attempt to follow God's will in our lives, to love as he would have us love, to go out of ourselves overcoming the centripetal force of our egotism. The basics are the same for everyone.

That is why a married person need have no qualms about encouraging a young person to consider the priesthood or the consecrated vocation. You are not asking them to do more than you did. You are simply asking them to follow the particular path God opens before them as sincerely as you are following yours. And you can help them see that all love, human or divine, involves giving ourselves, which is never easy but paradoxically is nevertheless the secret to happiness.

God bless,

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