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What can I do besides pray and meditate on the Bible to help in my search for a vocation?

Ashley asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

I am very confused. I'm 18 and am going to be a first year student at college. Recently a few friends and my mom have been telling me that I should become a nun. No offense to nuns, I think that they are awesome women of God, but the last time I deeply considered that as my calling, it felt like God hit me over the head with a 2x4.

Although, I don't feel like that's where God is calling me to go, I don't really have a desire of any vocation in my life yet. Is there anything else I can do besides pray and meditate on the Bible to help in my search? Also is this normal?

Dear Ashley,

Don't worry, it is not terribly abnormal to experience certain confusion as regards a vocation, and I have come across enough cases to consider it normal that a young person's family and friends spot a possible vocation before the individual in question does.

There is one very important thing you can do besides praying and meditating on the Bible. You can offer yourself to Christ. Put him at the center of your life. Then make this offering of yourself very concrete by doing something to serve others (as in college peer ministry, parish youth group, teach CCD, or some such).

Try to learn from him as you read the Bible, and in these readings concentrate especially on the Gospels. Take your spiritual life to a new depth by asking yourself what would you answer if you knew for certain Christ was calling you to religious life? This will let you know if there is something pulling on your heart that might not be letting you see if he is calling you or not.

God bless.

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