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Can my vocation be changed from religious life to family life? Or is God testing me?

Maria asks:

Dear Fr Anthony,

Let's just say that I am a nun, what if suddenly I fall in love with someone? What should I do? Is my vocation now changed from religious life to family life? Or is God testing me?

Dear Maria,

To answer your question we have to go back to what a vocation is and what it is not. A vocation is what God wants you to do in life, his plan for you, but “the problem” is it is not the only thing we are attracted to, it is not what we find the easiest, nor is it what comes most naturally to me. It takes work, lots of work and effort. It is based on faith, not on emotion. It therefore has its enemies, especially complacency, passivity, carelessness, as well as our own deepest disordered passions (and we all have them).

So, a woman called to marriage will have to realize that she needs to put a lot of effort and prayer into making her marriage work; if she begins to feel an attraction towards another man besides her husband she will know it would be dangerous and wrong to let it take hold, and she won't give it a chance to grow and upset what God is asking of her.

In exactly the same way, a woman called to consecrate her life to God will take care not to fall in love with anyone else except Christ. And if she feels an attraction to a man she will make sure pretty quick that it goes nowhere, even asking for a change of work if necessary, and doing all she can to reinforce the bridal commitment she has with Christ.

God bless.

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