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At the Service of the Universal Church

Launched in March 2002, vocation.com offers a wealth of resources to young people considering vocations and all Catholics interested in promoting and fostering vocations. This global outreach website has quickly extended to 57 countries on 6 continents, all at the service of the Universal Church. We average up to 5,000 visitors per month and continue to grow.

The site, on-line in English, features video testimonies of priests and consecrated men and women and their unique vocation stories. Texts on the basics of prayer, a collection of meditations, and a discernment checklist provide further guidance through the discernment process.

One of the key features www.vocation.com is its interactive nature. Inquirers can receive help in locating a vocation director in their area as well as type in their questions and have them answered by a priest. With its varied resources, interactive nature, and state of the art graphics, vocation.com succeeds in putting all the best of the internet at the service of the Universal Church.

Whether you are a youth discerning a vocation, a vocation director or a lay Catholic interested in promoting vocations, we welcome you to vocation.com and offer you whatever assistance we are able to provide you as we work together in Christ.